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What they say about us ... 

First let me say how Shear Image became a live saver to me. A year or so ago I had gone to a salon to have my hair colored like any other time. As they were doing it there appeared to be no problems. The next morning when I woke up, my entire face was swollen shut. I could not open my eyes and even on the top of my head it was swollen. 

 It took over a week for the swelling to go done. Needless to say I had become allergic to the chemicals used in hair coloring. Now keep in mind I am one that was not coloring her hair because she wanted a different color but to hide the gray hairs. The thought that I would not e able to color my hair and that I would be stuck with gray was very depressing. Till I met Lisa at Shear Image. She introduced me to all natural hair color and now I don't have to look in the mirror and see the gray. 

I was nervous at first because I am a natural red head and I wanted to stay as close to my natural color as possible. Lisa and the product that she uses was amazing. My husband loves that color and he says that it makes me look even younger if that is possible. Some might think that with it being an all natural product that it wont last long at all. I have to go back about every 4 to 5 month and have it redone, but I love it. 

I no longer have to worry about having a allergic reaction or looking at the gray and feeling old. I can still keep my red color and feel young and confident. Thank you Shear Image for your hard work and service to your customers.

Tammy Borgia



“Simply put, THIS COLOR ROCKS!!!!
This is the way hair should be!!!!!!!!!! Grey coverage is perfect; reds are vibrant and fade completely on tone! The finished results look like real, natural hair. My sinus and eye difficulties are completely gone and my clients are thrilled with their color and the fact that the salon is free of chemical odors. Clients with sensitive scalps and eyes are so glad they no longer have to endure the effects of ammonia exposure! My work has received a giant shot in the arm. At times I feel like a hair color magician!”

Mathew Pinto


“Organic Curl Systems is a safe and pleasant experience.”

“I have greatly enjoyed my experience using Organic Curl Systems. It is a new ammonia-free product to transform your client’s hair. The ability to use the activator as needed has been a great way to customize the service. “Organic Curl Systems is a safe and pleasant experience for both the client and stylist alike, with treatments to compliment the service leaving the client’s hair with a nice curl that has high shine and integrity for your client to enjoy.”
Shelli Evans 


No bad smells, watery eyes or irritated nose.
I am so happy with how beautiful my color has turned out! It is absolutely gorgeous! The process of getting my hair colored was so much more enjoyable. No bad smells, no watery eyes or irritated nose. Getting (becoming) beautiful was not a chemistry class on my hair. The end result is fantastic! Thank you!”
Chrissy Vicente, satisfied client.


“This is the best perm I have ever used by far.”
“I love this perm. I have been doing hair for 20+ years, and this is the best perm I have ever used by far. I can use this perm on any head of hair whether it’s bleached, colored, normal or resistant. It’s true to rod size on any type of hair. It doesn’t strip color and leaves the hair shiny, healthy and without damage. The curls last longer and does not drop like other perms. I have even gotten amazing results on fine hair that I would normally (in the past) have problems with. My clients are very excited about the results and have commented on the difference in the condition and lasting power. It doesn’t have a bad smell like other perms. I don’t worry about the dry ends any more either. It’s an amazing, amazing, amazing perm.”
Lisa Whited, Shear Image Fort Myers, Fl.

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