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Massage & Reiki 
balancing the body and mind   

Massage and Reiki Relaxation Services 


Reiki: A gentle Japanese relaxation method of touch used to promote healing, relieve pain, regulate blood pressure, and maintain health. Enhance your body’s ability to heal and reach a state of deep relaxation, reaping the benefits of massage while fully clothed. 60 min $75


Reiki Massage with Optional Aromatherapy:   This is a delightful combination of the relaxing hand placements of Reiki with long flowing strokes of Swedish massage. If desired, essential oils are also applied to the body. This unique aromatic application speeds up the release of toxins in both the physical and energy bodies to calm, relax and soothe.60 min $80

With Kathy :  year round 


Specialized Massage: Depending on your individual needs, Kathy uses her extensive expertise to create a therapy designed specifically to address your concerns. Her unique blend of various techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, energy work and more will allow your body to achieve deep healing. Experience the bliss.60 min $75  90 min $120


Reiki-   This Japanese technique of effective energy work rebalances, restores, refreshes and renews one sense of wellness.60 min $75

Reiki Fort Myers | Massage | Fort Myers Buckingham at
Shear Image Organinc Salon  Salon | Fort Myers  | Buckingham  

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